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The emergence of multi-axis machining technology has led to the development of the machine tool industry


With the development of numerical control technology, multi-axis nc machining center is becoming more and more widely used. The nc machining technology is the basis of modern mechanical manufacturing technology, which makes the mechanical manufacturing process change significantly. Compared with traditional processing technology, modern numerical control processing technology has a significant difference in processing technology, processing control, processing equipment and technological equipment. Our familiar numerical control machines have XYZ three linear axes, and the multi-axis refers to at least the fourth axis on a machine tool. Generally speaking, multi-axis CNC machining refers to nc machining of more than 4 axis, which is representative of 5 axis nc machining. Multi-axis nc machining can be controlled at the same time more than four axes linkage, CNC milling, CNC boring, CNC drilling, and other functions together, after a clamping workpiece, the processing surface can be milling, boring, drilling process, effectively avoids caused by multiple installation position error, can shorten the production cycle, improve the machining accuracy. With the rapid development of mould manufacturing technology, the processing ability and machining efficiency of machining center have been more demanding, so the multi-axis nc machining technology has been developed unprecedentedly.

The characteristics of multi-axis machining

(1) reduce benchmark conversion and improve machining accuracy.

The process integration of multi-axis nc machining not only improves the efficiency of the process, but also the machining accuracy is more easily guaranteed due to the single clamping in the whole process.

(2) reduce the number of fixtures and the floor area.

Although multi-axis nc machining center of single equipment price is higher, but because of the shortened process chain and reducing the number of devices, tooling and fixture quantity, workshop covers an area of equipment maintenance cost is reduced.

(3) shorten production process chain and simplify production management.

Multi-axis CNC machine complete processing greatly shorten the production process chain, and because only the processing tasks to a job, not only simplifies the production management and planning and scheduling, and obviously increase transparency. The more complex the workpiece, the more obvious the advantages of its relatively traditional production methods. At the same time, due to the shortening of the production process chain, the number of products will inevitably decrease, which can simplify production management, thus reducing the cost of production operation and management.

(4) shorten the research and development cycle of new products.

For the aerospace, automotive and other fields of enterprises, some new products parts and molding mould shape is complex, precision is high, so have high flexible, high precision, high integration and complete processing capacity of multi-axis nc machining center is a good way to solve the precision of the new product research and development in the process of complex parts processing and cycle problem, shorten the development cycle and improve the success rate of new products.

Multi-axis processing superiority

The multi-axis nc machining center has the characteristics of high efficiency and high precision. The workpiece can be processed in five parts after a single clamping. If the configuration of five axes linkage of high-grade CNC system, you can also to precision machining of complex curved surface, very suitable for machining workpiece forming mould, such as auto parts, aircraft structures.

Its greatest advantage is that it makes the processing of the complex parts much easier, and shorten the processing cycle, improving the processing quality of the surface. The improvement of product quality to improve product performance requirements, if use with double turntable five-axis linkage machining, because of the special optical effect, headlight mould used for reflective numerous small face processing precision and smoothness are very high index requirements, especially bright and clean degree, almost require a mirror effect. Using high speed cutting process equipment and ball milling cutter of five-axis linkage machine tool cutting out the mirror effect, it becomes very easy, but the past is relatively backward means of processing technology is almost impossible. The five-axis linkage machining mold can quickly complete the mould processing, delivery fast, better guarantee the quality of the mould, make it easier to mold processing, and makes it easy to mould modification. In traditional mould processing, vertical machining center is used to complete the milling process of the workpiece. With the development of mould manufacturing technology, some weaknesses of vertical machining center are becoming more and more obvious. Modern mold processing generally use ball head milling cutter for machining the ball milling cutter head in mould processing benefit is very obvious, but if use vertical machining center, the bottom of the linear velocity is zero, so bottom surface degree of finish is very poor, if you use four, five-axis linkage machining technology in mold processing, can overcome the above shortcomings.

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