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NC tool display and category naming


The number of programs and tools is greatly increased when the product structure is complex or the variety of products to be machined is to be used when machining parts on CNC machine tools. Since the tool number does not have a uniform naming standard, the majority Enterprises are randomly named on the tool, so if the programmer is still in accordance with the previous election instructions (such as T1 D1, T2 D1) programming, the result is:

1.操作工很可能无法根据T1 或者T2这样的代码选择与程序对应的刀具.1. The operator may not be able to select the tool corresponding to the program according to the code such as T1 or T2.
2. Need to control the front and rear block, tool path and process to guess what a tool selection instructions on behalf of the tool;
3. Since the same tool number can represent different types and specifications of the tool, and the system can not distinguish it, so once the operator incorrectly selected the tool, the machine will be safe and the quality of the product risks;
4. In order to determine the type or size of a tool in the machine tool to take a long time to measure, check and find. However, due to the various units of CNC machine tools and tool types are not the same, the above method is still inadequate; here only put forward a personal idea, hoping to play the role of crowded, inappropriate also invited experts to criticize, correct Based on the above reasons, after analyzing the standard of tool classification in SIEMENS numerical control system, the following new method of tool naming is proposed, which explains how to organize the tool to make the tool more convenient. How to arrange the tool to minimize the number of tool swaps. Tool to make the tool to prepare the shortest time, the highest utilization of the problem.
Tool naming method Tool grouping according to different tool types: Category group 1 xxyyy (cutter class): 110 spherical cutter (cylindrical cutter, followed by the letter y on behalf of the cutter diameter, the following slightly) 120 end mill 140 face milling cutter 150 garden cutter category group 2 xxyyy (drill type) 200 twist drill (followed by the letter y on behalf of the drill diameter, the following slightly) 220 center drill 240 normal thread taps (followed by the letter y can distinguish between the thick Threading or fine thread) 250 Reamer category group 3 xxyyy (boring tool type) 300 double-edged rough boring tool (followed by the letter y on behalf of the boring tool diameter, the following slightly) 320 single-blade boring knife category group 4 xxyyy (Reaming knife) 400 reaming knife (followed by the letter y on behalf of the reamer diameter, the following slightly) Category group 5 xxyyy (turning): 500 rough turning (followed by the letter y on behalf of the tip of the arc (The following letter y represents the width of the tool nose, the following slightly the same) 530 cut off the knife 540 thread turning tool (followed by the letter y can represent the thick teeth or fine teeth Thread and other parameters) Category Group 7 xxyyy The T200010 represents a 10mm diameter spherical cutter; the T200020 represents a twist drill with a diameter of 20 mm; the T300100 represents a double-edged coarse boring tool with a diameter of 100 mm; the T400110 is a 10 mm diameter, T500008 indicates a rough turning tool with a radius of R0.8 mm; 3 Conclusion In this numbering mode, the tool number itself contains a lot of contents such as tool type, specific model and size, so that the tool number The use of this tool by the programmer and the operator at a glance, especially in the case of the machine program is not finished using this unified numbering method, not only for the NC machining process have a more intuitive understanding, to avoid the use of the wrong The tool and the quality of the tool caused by the accident; greatly reduce the processing time to prepare and improve production efficiency; at the same time so that the enterprise tool management work more standardized and scientific, improve the level of automation tool management to achieve a quick query and tool resources for effective use, In all kinds of CNC machine tools.

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